Basketball "Shoot the Moon"

Our “Shoot the Moon Print” with the original source images to the bottom. Jasmine Tercero was a good sport as we took a few shots from inside the Gym then stepped outside to brave the cold for some better light and so she could chuck the basketball without caution.south king county sports photography Our night sky shot was taken out between Enumclaw WA and Greenwater WA on HWY 410 in a spot far away from the “light pollution” of the city on a very dark moonless night. I’m sure Bigfoot was having a heck of a time trying to figure out what I was doing out there. Our moon photo was done in Bonney Lake WA on a very cold crisp night. Took me a while to get that one as I was trying to manual focus while shivering, not easy as the slightest movement would send me trying to find focus again. I really enjoyed this project as it gave me a chance to try some things I haven’t done in photography or Photoshop before. Got some big plans and ideas for the next project to keep pushing the limits of what we can do.

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