Senior Sports Portrait Bonney Lake Track with Tanner

Tanner Pecheos in our spring print. It was great to get to present this to him on senior day in front of a packed stadium with a cheering crowd.
Shot this laying on the track with 135 1.8 Lens, 3 stop ND filter, 600 watt strobe at 1/2 power on camera left. Edited in ON1 Photo and Photoshop.
We printed a 16×24 inch on Kodak Lustre at a top notch lab that gets color right and delivers products that last. Matted and framed.
Tanner is a great kid, My wife and me enjoyed our chat with him while we photographed him for the print.
My wife got a few pictures on her phone of me crawling around on the ground trying to get the best angle.
My elbows got a little track burn but the resulting photos where very much worth it.
Hope Tanners senior year was a bit more special and him and his family enjoy this print for many years.

Bonney Lake Cross Country Print With Jacob Schlosser

A crazy year for our model athlete program.
We knew we would have to dig in and get creative to make everything for these student athletes happen.

With the 2021 sports seasons being drastically shortened it put our production of artwork on a serious time crunch.
Luckily Jacob was able to get a uniform for XC.
And this helped us get jump on the production of this artwork.

I already had the background photo that I was going to use for this piece that I had taken in south east Idaho that I had taken in my wife and my travels around the northwest collecting ideas for future projects.

We did the photoshoot for Jacob in a parking lot on a sunny fall late afternoon. We set up three lights for this shoot and relied on the sun for a 4th. This gave us the ability to recreate the lighting that we had in the background image we used for the background.


Bonney Lake Photography-Cross Country Jacob S XC

Bonney Lake Panther Jacob Schlosser Swim Print.

Its been a tough year to get print projects done.
We had to get creative in order to make some prints happen.
This was one of those projects.

Fortunately we found a bit of warm weather and a fairly warm lake to help make this print possible.
No one was staying dry for this photo session. My wife knee deep in water is holding the portable studio light above me. I am waste deep but leaning over chest in the water to get low to the water for the shot as Jacob swims towards the camera. Luckily we managed to get a perfect shot at about attempt number 5 out of 7 tries.

Earlier in the fall I had been thinking about what I wanted to do for this print for Jacob. I new I wanted to do something with a gorgeous river or lake setting. And so we decided to stop at the Naches river on trip coming back from eastern Washington. I had short hike to this spot on the river and waded through river until I found a picturesque spot.

The look on Jacobs face after presenting this to him says it all!

The image is printed on 16×20′ Kodak metallic paper which really makes the colors pop and creates lots of depth. You have to see metallic paper prints in person to appreciate them.
A photo on the web doesn’t do them justice. Thanks Jacob for literally being willing to dive in and make this print possible!

2020 – 2021 Sports Model Athletes

Introducing our 2020 – 2021 sports model athletes.
Savaliga (Chi Chi) Fifita and Jacob Slossher !


Savaliga (Chi Chi) Fifita is attending Lincoln High School and participating in Basketball, Track, and Volleyball.






Jacob Slossher attends Bonney Lake High School where he is ASB President and participating in Cross Country, Swim & Dive, and Track.

I’m not sure what the rest of this year will bring but some how some way we’ll make this happen for these inspiring student athletes!

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Bonney Lake Panther Drew Hollenbeck in our spring print.

Trying to push the limit on lighting and complexity of the design was the goal in this print.
We had Drew take several starts from the block to get a good set of images with him looking down track and doing our best to capture some dynamic shots of arms and legs in motion.
This all meant moving lights down the track every few feet to capture the correct motion and keep the lighting consistent for that stage of the sprint.

The “tweens” in between shots are in the school colors of black and teal.
Its been great working with Drew, we wish well in college and future endeavors!

Bonney Lake High School Drew Hollenbeck


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Carleigh DeLapp Sumner Lacrosse Print

I was excited for the opportunity to create a Lacrosse print. And looking for the kind of dynamic angle that you would never be able to get during a live match. The set up meant crawling under the goal using a wide angle lens and doing my best to keep the 3 studio strobes for lighting out of the scene but still close enough to over power the sun. This composite piece had 3 elements, a close up of the ball, Carleigh shooting the goal and another of Carleigh representing the goal keeper in the shot. This was challenging enough but we also had the challenge of getting the images we needed before the covid quarantine went into effect during the spring. Thankfully we had some cooperative weather.

Carleigh is a Bonney Lake High School Grad and was in the unique position of playing Lacrosse for Sumner High School Girls team. Check out her prints for Fall and Winter with Bonney Lake Soccer and Bonney Lake Basketball

Our finished spring print for Carleigh is on 16×24 inch Kodak Endura Lustre , matted and framed.

I want to thank everyone that nominated Carleigh to be one of our sports models, she is truly a great young lady with a great attitude and she was a patient model as we worked through some complex set ups for the images we created this year.

We wish her luck as she goes onto Geroge Fox U to study and as member of the Bruins Lacrosse Team!