2018-19 Intensity Sports Photography & Art Sports Model

Isabell Pannell, Lakes Lancers Volleyball

Isabell Pannell, Lakes Lancers Volleyball

She has received honorable mention the last 2 years for high school volleyball in the Pierce County League playing for Lakes Lancers. She has played club volleyball for 3 years and was captain for 2 of those years on a nationals travel team. She was selected to play on the 18s club team as a 16 year old. Has received the JROTC athlete academic medal for 2018. She has spent over 70 hours in volunteering as an assistant / mentor for middle school girls in volleyball. All the while maintaining a 3.5+ GPA, and a part time job. She has a humble and kind personality that people like to be around.

Announcing Isabell Pannell as our 2018-19 Intensity Sports Photography & Art, Sports Model.

Isabell is our first club / high school sport combo model and we look forward to collaborating to create some great artwork.

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